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Regulamin Willa Cyrek 




1. the hotel day is starting at 14:00 and at 10:00 is finishing on of departure. There is a possibility of leaving luggage after earlier agreeing with the owner.

2. the booking is regarded confirmed after paying the earnest money within 5 days of the date of booking. Not making the payment within a specified period of time causes cancelling the booking. The earnest money isn't subject to a refund and a 30% amounts to values of the stay.

3. paying the earnest money means approval of conditions of this regulations.

4. one should settle the payment for the entire stay on of arrival (with cash).

5. on the spot a climatic payment is being taken PLN 2 in the day from the person.

6. shortening the stay for reasons independent of us doesn't result in the refund in the unused period of the stay.

7. quiet hours are in force for 22:00 to 6:00. In case of the undue behaviour or disturbing quiet hours, lessors will bear appropriate consequences.

8. one should report all defects noticed in the room on of arrival around the accommodation, since guests are answering financially during damage of all kinds and destroying objects of the equipment.

9. we ask against locking our rooms and not leaving precious things - we aren't overcome a responsibility for things left on the area the entire object. The payment for losing the key amounts PLN 100.

10. non-resident persons can stay the object owner the knowledge and the permission in the room. The guest of the object cannot put non-resident third parties up for the night. In case of stating such a fact extra costs of accommodation will be calculated.

11. the car park in premises is intended only for guests of our object. The car park is free of charge and unguarded. The owner isn't bearing responsibility for vehicles left in the car park and things being in them.

12. at the centre is applying to the total ban of smoking and using a naked flame. 


13. for the safety and keeping children on the area of the object and around it parents or carers are answering.

14. child up to years 3 free stay by two full-price persons. two children up to years 3 payment like for 1 full-price person. For children in the century for years 3 to 6 drops are predicted, for that purpose one should substantiate the age of the child.

15. is applying to the ban on implementing animals home.

16. moving on the object in ski boots is unlawful.

17. on the area of the object we are making the Wifi Internet free of charge available. The malfunction for the reasons independent of the owner doesn't result in reducing the payment for accommodation.




Ul. Chramcówki 11c 34-500 Zakopane

a-mail  anetamurzyn@o2.pl

tel: 695 991 707  lub  607 233 773 


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