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Ul. Chramcówki 11c 34-500 Zakopane

a-mail  anetamurzyn@o2.pl

tel: 695 991 707  lub  607 233 773 


Szlaki turystyczne na Podhala


Walks proposed by us all over Zakopane: Krupówki, with tracks Witkiewiczów and of Zakopane style, with tracks of old Zakopane - ul. Kościeliska;

with children of 1-5 years - in principle all leading slags to hostels are valleys appropriate and safe, below we will write out the ones recommended by us (it is interesting scenically, not very monotonous): trail to a mountain pasture Kondratowa, trail through the Valley of the Small Meadow (attention, the lack of the hostel!), trail through the Valley Kościeliska, possible (a bit longer) to the Valley of five Ponds or for the Sea bow watch. In the case of children in the century 1-2 he is flying, a tourist yoke is necessary, bumpy roads to hostels will finish every cart! Whereas efficient 3-latek should advise himself with reaching the hostel on it own.

With children of 6-12 years - the trail cannot be long and monotonous and at the same time must be safe, our proposals: with Valley Kościeliska (connected with the entry to 1-2 caves), Smithies - Skupniów Upłaz - USD of Dry Water - Small Kościelec, with children of 10-12 years it is possible to go to the Giewont (if not have a fear of heights and only at the very good weather!) or for playing the West Tatra mountains, e.g. Red Peaks, Grześ-Rakoń-Wołowiec, Starorobociański Peak (if have a good condition!). Of course at preserving all safety rules, the Tatra mountains is able to be very dangerous, especially at the break in the weather!

For intermediate - with any trail on: Giewont, Red Peaks, Starorobociański Peak, Rakoń-Wołowiec;

For advanceds - slags than simplest: on Kościelec, to Cracks, on Świnicę, Eagle's mountain path;

Winter trips: on Trzydniowański Peak, to Red Peaks - require mountain experience and the basic winter equipment (crayfish, kije/czekan, mountain shoes zi

It is worthwhile seeing

Museums devoted to Tatra mountains, Podhale and history of Zakopane, especially a Tatra Museum, the Museum of the Zakopane style

Zakopane monuments: the Old small church and the Graveyard on Brzyzku Pęksowy, Church St Rodzina on Krupówkach, XIX-wieczną tourist building development at Krupówkach, XIX-wieczną wooden buildings by the ul. of Kościeliska, monuments of the Zakopane style, homestead Sabały, cableway on Kasprowy Peak

for enthusiasts of the turn or families with children: open-air ethnographic museum of the rolling stock in Chabówce (15 km behind Nowy Targ)


Willa u Jędrusia